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Admissions - Master of Sciences and Technologies


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The students applying for the masters’ in chemistry must have graduated in “Licence de Chimie” (3rd year bachelor’s degree). A thorough knowledge of the general theoretical and practical bases is required. The pedagogic commission will make sure that all the applicants master these fundamental elements. Other diplomas can be deemed equivalent to the L3 diploma if they correspond to a college training of at least 3 years and sufficient knowledge to make a success in the Masters’ highly likely. Professional achievements can also be taken into account, and chemists who have not passed a L3 degree may nevertheless be admitted. A direct integration in M2 is also possible for students who already have an M1 diploma in chemical sciences or an equivalent training (engineer school, foreign degree); those cases will be examined by the pedagogic commission.

Applications are made on the student's webpage http://www.upmc.fr



Enrolment applications are open from mid-April to June


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Bachelor of chemistry graduates or equivalent. Students having completed their first year of Master's degree or equivalent diploma in another establishment may be accepted directly at M2 level

Person responsible for the schooling departement

master 1 : HROUDA Pascale

Phone number : 01 44 27 30 95

E-mail adress : Pascale.hrouda@upmc.fr

master 2 : PHILIPPON Céline

E-mail adress : celine.philippon@upmc.fr

Adress : T54/55, room 117, 4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris cedex 05



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