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Practical information - Master of Sciences and Technologies


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You will find here all the necessary information about your requests from the Chemistry Masters’


Grades - Report Card

To get an M1 or M2 report cart, send a written request to Miss Philippon, at the following address: secretariat du Master de Chimie- case courier 38, 4 place Jussieu 75 005 Paris, with a stamped envelope bearing your address. You can also phone the following number: 01 44 27 30 55, and get your report directly at the University.


M1-M2: Semester report cards are available at the Masters’ secretariat.
M2: Certificates of success are available at the Masters’ secretariat (requests by email only).

M2: Detailed report cards for each UE must be asked directly from the head of each specialty


Administrative documents:

If you need an administrative document, such as a diploma, or a refund request, go to the student webpage http://www.upmc.fr/fr/formations/inscriptions_scolarite.html, and download the corresponding document.
Localisation of the Masters’ secretariat:
Campus Jussieu, T54/55, first floor, room 177.



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