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M2 Materials chemistry and physico-chemistry - Master of Sciences and Technologies


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Description illustration de l'article In the past few years, new materials have pervaded all technologies. They play a major role in our daily lives, participate in their improvement are at the heart of technological breakthroughs related to sustainable development, energy, health, information and communication. They not only foster progress, but also weigh on social and economic realities since they generate numerous jobs.
Generally speaking, the functionality, reactivity and durability of materials result from the combination of volume, surface and interface properties. Many unique and innovating properties stem from developing complex materials; their applications are numerous and constantly evolve.
The specialty deals with all those points. It will take a particular care in relating the fundamental aspects of materials science (synthesis, structure, properties) to their social and economic impact

Career Openings

The training is particularly devised for students who wish to go on with doctoral research, but can also benefit those who want to work directly. The scientific domains covered by the specialty are above all, but not exclusively, polymers, inorganic materials and nanomaterials. Career openings are very diverse and virtually cover all the industrial fields concerned with chemistry and materials.



Students or engineers with a previous education in inorganic chemistry, polymer chemistry or materials chemistry are particularly targeted by this specialty


You can contact the specialty chair : Corinne CHANEAC, UPMC Professor or Dominique HOURDET , ESPCI Professor

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